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Behind The Page #003

Youth and imagination. Is there anything better? Sometimes sitting down to write a new entry in the 'Behind the Page' posts is hard. It's not that talking about the specific page is very difficult, but rather wanting to talk so much about the entire book, that is; and, in this case, the entire feel of the book! I always find it fascinating the way that some moments in our lives stand out so much more than others. I find it even more fascinating that those moments are usually more like blinks of an eye rather than long stares. However, because they are so impactful, because they are so life changing, it does not matter weather or not they are blinks or that they are stares, what matters is that they become the windows from which our eyes see everything...always.

Fort Night Friends- A Bedtime Bear Story, is most definitely a window. And, the story and emotions seen through it are as clear today as they were then. Of course, imagination can change, it can enlighten and dim depending on our current state of thought. Imagination can also last forever; like a long stare until we choose to look away. But youth, however, is but a blink. It flies by like the tailwind of a 10 speed slicing through the after school ride to your best friend's house. Youth is fleeting, eluding us all as we travel from light to dark and into the light again. Still, it's nice to know that along the ride we travel, that we don't travel alone. We ride with our best friend(s) by our side. I like to think of those moments often. I like to imagine that the sunlight spots diving through the treetops and touching our shoulders and glimmering off of our bikes are like those beautiful blinks from our youth. They are fast and fleeting but they are forever. Now, just imagine what comes out of the dark? Wait a minute... that's for another page.

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