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7th heaven and the Rock’n’Roll Kids Friday!

It’s Friday! While the band may be off this weekend that doesn’t mean the Rock’n’Roll Kids get to take a break! In fact, rumor is, Nick doesn’t know what to do with himself. In all seriousness, I want to thank everybody that took part in our recent book launch of episode 6-Operation Mind Crime. Thanks to YOU, our sixth book in the series has reached a high point in ratings and reviews! At one point during its first week we were even able to make an impact in Amazon’s best selling children‘s books that deal with bullying! This is a huge deal because it makes myself and everyone in 7th heaven know that we are contributing to helping kids everywhere!

More good news is that episode 7-Caught In The Game, is in full production mode and I will be announcing news to join our next launch team very soon. Please be a part of it by joining our Facebook group- RNR Studios Launch Team, or signing up on the contact page on this website ( and help us!

Finally, one more huge thanks for an extremely successful summer where we nearly sold out of all our book inventory! Show after show and weekend after weekend, your support was so appreciated and I can’t wait until we do it all again next festival season!

Until then, please join our Launch team, get to amazon to buy, rate and review all of our books in the series and let’s bring “Rock’n’Roll to the rescue!” Hold on, I think Nick is calling? Maybe he does know what to do with himself!

Thanks and love,


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