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Behind The Page #002

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Well, what better choice today than to choose a favorite page from the book "The LEGENDS of '05- A Bedtime Bear Story?" After all, the Chicago White Sox are back in the playoffs! So, while we cheer for the South side bears in black and white to win in 2021, let's also make sure to remember the magic that was the legendary team of 2005!

Of all the pages in the story, I had to to choose this celebratory one. Why? Inspired by and referenced from the real life magic of that late fall day in the wonderful city of Chicago, it is filled with joy and jovial comfort. When I illustrated "The LEGENDS of 16- A Bedtime Bear Story," I was able to include a drawing of Eddie Vedbear (Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam) who sang the 7th inning stretch during the Cubs championship playoff run. It was only fitting that the White Sox would get a singer of their own to help punctuate the power of music in the spirit of their fan base. Of course, the singer happened to be none other than the legendary Steve Beary from the bay! (Steve Perry of Journey, the RNR Hall of Fame band from San Franciso!) Steve also happens to be among my top three all time favorite singers and depicting his likeness into one of my characters was amazing! For anyone who reads my other stories, you may know that this was not the only time that Steve Perry has been an inspiration for me or has appeared. But, it was the first time. If you look at the logo placed on Steve's jacket, it is a cartoon rendition of the Journey band logo. Of course, the best part of the book (and this page in particular) is probably that trophy being held high! It had been 88 years in between World Championship seasons. But, for Bear Burley and the rest of these bears, this was the beginning of a new chapter, in a story where legends and an entire city never stopped believin'!

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